XOcigs Electronic Cigarette Review – Claim your Trial Kit Online!

Everyone knows that smoking causes damage to your lungs but still it is the taste and feeling of satisfaction that drags people towards cigarettes.  Even if you manage to quit smoking, still you miss the taste and excitement that smoking provides. Wouldn’t it be great if it was possible to smoke without damaging your health?  Well, now it is possible, and the brand that has made this possible is XOcigs. I have been using this one since last 2 months and well… I quite like it that is why this review.

These are exclusive electronic cigarettes which provide you same taste of nicotine without causing damage to your health and without producing any smoke. So now you can smoke around your friends, family and kids without affecting their health.

Special Features of these XOcigs Electronic Cigarettes:  

These electronic cigarettes have many advantages that you don’t get with normal cigarettes. First, you can smoke anywhere and it does not affect your breath whereas conventional cigarettes are well known for the foul breath they produce. You don’t need any lighters or ashtrays, as these are lit with the help of battery. So another advantage is that it doesn’t produce fire, you may have heard a number of incidents where a fire breaks out because of cigarette, but with XOcigs there is no such chance.


  • You can smoke anywhere as it is ash free and smoke free
  • No foul breath after smoking
  • Inexpensive choice for satisfying your cravings
  • No unhealthy tar that builds up in lungs
  • No need of lighters and ash trays
  • Real vapor

The starter kit of XOcigs contains many different items. But it’s not at all difficult to assemble the device and use it. You can learn how to use these cigarettes from the instructions given on the kit.

Here is a list of these items.

Starter kit:

  • One USB charger
  • One lithium ion battery
  • One car charger
  • One wall charger
  • Five cartomizers
  • One manual
  • 14 day money back guarantee with one year warranty

Are these e-cigs harmful?

These electronic cigarettes provide you same taste of nicotine without adding tar to your lungs, so these are absolutely safe for your health and that’s the reason that people in large number are switching to electronic cigarettes from conventional cigarettes.

Foul smell, bad odor and blackened teeth is just nowhere to see…and I can attest to that.


Now, if you are ready for safe smoking then you can claim your electronic cigarettes from the official website of XOcigs.

But I want to inform you that these are limited kits, so if you are really interested then you should better hurry to put your hand on your kit before someone else does.